CCUL PAC Fundraising Program Forms

TCUL PAC Fundraising

What is the CCUL PAC?

A Political Action Committee or PAC is the only legal mechanism for people to band together to provide contributions to political candidates who support their causes or who have demonstrated an interest that the group believes should be supported. The processes for Texas and the Federal level are very similar, but have key differences. A very important element of both the Texas and Federal PAC systems is that corporate contributions are not allowed. Individuals, not corporations, are allowed to express their support of the PAC's mission.

In Texas, we have chosen not to operate our own Federal PAC. We maintain a state PAC that contributes only to state candidates. The League encourages people to sign solicitation agreements for and contribute to CULAC (Credit Union Legislative Action Committee) operated in conjunction with CUNA in Washington D.C.

Neither CCUL PAC nor CULAC uses your properly raised contributions to run their political operations. If a solicitation agreement has been signed, contributions received by CCUL PAC and CULAC go directly to candidates, regardless of political party, who support credit union issues. Note that currently, where appropriate, the split of all funds raised is 50% to the state PAC and 50% to the Federal PAC; unless otherwise designated for State PAC Only.

The PACs have similar but very different goals. CCUL PAC may only give to state candidates. This includes governors, and other statewide elected officials along with legislative, judicial and county races. As a practical matter, CCUL PAC gives to key statewide races and state legislative races. CCUL PAC does not contribute any money to Presidential, US Senate or Federal House races. This must be done by a Federal PAC.

CULAC contributes to candidates for federal office only. This includes Congress, both the House and the Senate, and Presidential races. It does not contribute to state races. In Texas, we track all the offices to which CULAC contributes for Texas-based candidates. We publish just the Texas based candidates/elected officials in the LoneStar Leaguer. For a complete report, you may go on-line to the Federal Election Commission to pull the report.